About Us

Whats Included

  • We have been around.
  • Netherlands, Germany and Romania Datacenters
  • Redundant Network
  • Monthly Contract
  • Monthly Special Offers
  • Enterprise Level Hardware
  • FREE Setup & LOW Prices
  • Highest customer support

About 123Dedi

Founded in October 2011, 123Dedi promises to provide first-rate dedicated servers at an affordable price. A simple promise that we at 123Dedi actually intended to keep.
To us, this promise means excellent, and prompt customer service, be at day or night. It means limited downtime* and few issues that aren't pro-actively resolved, owing to our unique approach to server management. It means this is one aspect of your website you shouldn't need to worry about.

Our Aim.......

What we aim to do is very simple. We want every client to understand what their chosen server hosting package entitles them to, and then we want to deliver it. Whether you've chosen our low end server or high end server, you will be treated to the same superb level of customer service, and we will treat our obligation to provide what we have sold to you with the same degree of utmost importance.

We Think.......

Here at 123Dedi, we really do intend to keep everything as simple, and as hassle-free as possible, because after all, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

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